Products and Solutions

Human Resource Information System

  • Custom-built Management Dashboard
  • Recruitment Module from Job Posting to On-boarding
  • Personnel Information Records / 201 File
  • Workforce / Schedule Master
  • Time-keeping and Payroll Processing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Performance Record  / Performance Management System
  • On-line Training and Certification
  • Reports / Data Extraction and Analytics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

An all-in-one tool that empowers your customer facing personnel in managing prospects and leads, all the way to after-sales support.

  • Custom-built Reports and Management Dashboard
  • Lead / Prospect and Client Management
  • After-sales support Management
  • Sales and Revenue Forecast
  • Mobile Access
  • Social Media Integration
  • Recorded Communications Module
  • On-line Order Processing and Approval
  • HR / Performance Management
  • Rewards and Incentive Management
  • Marketing and Events Automation
  • Loyalty Program Module
  • Agent Tracker
  • Group Management
  • Security Management
  • Data analytics

Unified Communications

Enterprise integrated communication tool including computer telephony integration (CTI), real-time messaging, voice, and social media app.

Financial Systems

Financial recording system that can implemented for banks, loans companies, and other financial institution.

  • E-commerce
  • Management of On-line transactions, with the option to deploy Two Factor Authentication
  • Stored value / prepaid system
  • Loans management

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) – A system in which verification of identify and security is controlled in two steps.  Initially via traditional username / password combination, and a secondary authentication process through a personal device or a specialized single-use key.

Credit Management / P. O. System / Gift Cards (GC) – This is a traditional guarantor-customer system in which large retailers distribute prepaid / gift cards.  The retailer only sells to accredited members (guarantor) who in turn distribute to individuals using traditional secure paper, scratch card or via mobile phone transfer.  It creates a multi-layer economy that is profitable and secure for the retailer and the guarantor alike.  It is a basic model of financial distribution to the unbanked.

Help Desk Ticketing System

Personnel and resource management system that provides end-users / customers a touchpoint or contact person to manage their concerns or request.

  • Secure log-in connection
  • Customer Information Portal / Self-help option
  • Custom-built Reports and Management Dashboard
  • Manages customer touch-point from all channels, phone, email, chat, even from social media
  • Integrated Knowledge Based facility
  • Recorded Communications Module

Retail / Branch / Franchise Management

Ideal for managing small to large scale businesses with multiple branches / franchises

  • Custom-built Reports Portal and Management Dashboard
  • Provides access controls depending on hierarchy
  • Real-time Sales Recording (can run on SMS back-end for near-real time reports)
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Cash Management, Deposit Transactions, and Expense Reports
  • Recorded Communications Module
  • Branch Performance Analytics
  • Products Performance Monitoring
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Personnel Information Management
  • Easily integrates with existing POS

Call Center Solution

Includes management of incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing emails, as well as blended call and email accounts. Can also adapt for Chat Support and Social Media Management.  Scalable to hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users.

  • Full call recording capabilities, both incoming and outgoing
  • Agent level statistics and metrics
  • Custom-built Data Analytics and Management Dashboard
  • Can be fully integrated with our CRM and / or Help Desk Ticketing System

Transport and Logistics

This is a complete transport and logistics ticketing, recording, tracking and reporting system.  Can be used individually for various transport types — air, sea and land.  Logistics and tracking system can be integrated or be used as a stand-alone system.

  • Web based and mobile app accessible
  • Provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports and analytics
  • Links to customer database for transaction monitoring and tracking
  • On-line dispatch processing and approval
  • Transport Maintenance Management

Sales Force Management – Large sales and distribution network is hard to manage if you have limited infrastructure and hardware assets on the field.  This system uses the most cost effective way to manage a large sales force or distributors.

  • Versatile to be used in retail distribution, pharma, real estate, insurance and financial institutions, any field sales related applications, and other similar industries and activities
  • Lead and Client Management
  • Sales and Revenue Forecasting
  • Custom-built Reports and on-line Dashboard
  • Accessible via web or mobile / android device
  • Recorded Communications Module
  • Online Order Processing and Approval
  • Can be linked with HRIS for Performance Management, Incentives, and Rewards administration
  • Agent Tracker
  • Expense Reporting
  • Meeting schedules and Daily Activity Reports
  • Can be linked with Social Media accounts

Inventory / Asset Management

An independent system in managing small to large stock or physical assets.  Can be integrated with peripherals such as barcode system, printer, RFID and other external systems and devices.

Information Library

A web-based, flexible information storage and retrieval system.  This can be used to manage large scale information that requires accessibility from internal users, as well as external users via web.

Sports Recording and Management – Complete sports management system that includes:

  • Statistics analytics
  • Athlete recording
  • Broadcast Integration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Internet integration

This system has been used for several sports mainly basketball, volleyball, table tennis, boxing and beach volleyball.  The basketball system is the de facto standard being used for Philippine basketball both in the amateur and professional field.

Electronic Learning System

A fully functional web-based learning system.  The database can handle multi-media type assets and can be used in implementing an electronic seminar or classroom complete with examination / certifications. This can be linked with HRIS.

Enterprise Network Fault Management and Service Level Compliance (Illuminati) Queuing System

Carrier-class, network management system that can handle up to millions of circuits.  It has been implemented in large scale networks including a multinational company with more than three-million nodes worldwide.

Austin Digital Media (ADM)

An advertising-based, free Internet access developed originally for a partner.  It is a complete mobile application, back-end and analytics system.

Corporate Billboard System

Centralized display system that can broadcast information to one or more monitors.  It can handle basic database as well as rich content such as audio, music, and video.

On-screen display can be custom-built to any preferred lay-out where flash message, scrolling marquee, and other animations can be used creatively to maximize the impact of the messages.

Property Management

As the name suggests, this solution is primarily aimed towards property management, rental / lease establishments, and other similar activities.

Custom-built Reports and Management Dashboard

Real-time visibility on contract expiration and renewals

On-line monitoring of rental, dues, and utilities

Manage income and expenditures on-line

Recording of repairs and upkeep

Tenant records and management

Accessible via web and mobile / android device