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Custom Open Source-based System / Application Development

0981058Teravibe provides customized application development work using Open Source Technology that is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. Development environment is usually under Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, Gentoo, Mandrake, Ubuntu or Debian) and programming languages may be based on C/C++, Ruby, Perl or PHP.

Teravibe has helped various companies in addressing their business and information technology needs. Our local and international clients are now enjoying the benefits of cost-efficient services and custom-made applications that suit their unique needs.

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cms_site_images_user_headset_cti_220_194_1Unified Communication 

Teravibe offers support and customization services for various Open Source solutions based on Asterisk. We provide custom Asterisk installation, configuration, and installation, from small to large-scale applications. Our engineers have successfully deployed Asterisk in different local and international call centers.

Asterisk enables your application programs to communicate with your phone systems. This computer telephony software lets you increase staff productivity while enhancing your customer relationships and reducing costs. This is

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Technology Assets

Teravibe.com has technology assets including
  • Property Management
    As the name suggests, this solution is primarily aimed towards property management, rental / lease establishments, and other similar activities. Custom-built Reports and Management Dashboard Real-time visibility on contract expiration and renewals On-line monitoring of rental, dues, and utilities Manage income and expenditures on-line Recording of repairs and upkeep Tenant records and management Accessible via[...]
  • Austin Digital Media (ADM)
    An advertising-based, free Internet access developed originally for a partner.  It is a complete mobile application, back-end and analytics system.
  • Help Desk Ticketing System
    Personnel and resource management system that provides end-users / customers a touchpoint or contact person to manage their concerns or request. Secure log-in connection Customer Information Portal / Self-help option Custom-built Reports and Management Dashboard Manages customer touch-point from all channels, phone, email, chat, even from social media Integrated Knowledge Based facility Recorded Communications Module

About Us

Teravibe.com is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provider focusing on high-touch, high-tech and high-service environments. This includes software/technology development as well as infrastructure and network setup and maintenance.

As our key tool, we primarily use Open Source technology in developing products and providing services. Software and hardware components are efficiently used to provide the most cost-effective solution to our customers.

With domain knowledge of almost 30 years, Teravibe’s core team has been involved in large scale operations and deployment in various industries across several countries including US, Japan, Canada, Australia and Singapore. The team is very familiar with mission-critical and enterprise-grade setup.


To deliver universally accessible technology that will help minimize the economic divide.



Teravibe.com focuses on technology outsourcing work. Having extensive domain knowledge in ICT development and operations, it provides products and services that is based on Best Current Practice (BCP) on a scalable and sharable environment.

This allows Teravibe.com to provide its products and services as the most competitive cost possible.

Teravibe.com also focuses on business analytics, integration and presentation to enable decision maker get real time or near real time information readily accessible. Some of the backend technology it has mastered includes crypto-currency system, unified communication, mobile and portable device development.

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