Unified Communication

Unified Communication  Teravibe offers support and customization services for various Open Source solutions based on Asterisk. We provide custom Asterisk installation, configuration, and installation, from small to large-scale applications. Our engineers have successfully deployed Asterisk in different local and international call centers. Asterisk enables your application programs to communicate with your phone systems. This computer[…]

Java-based System/Application Development 

Java-based System/Application Development  Teravibe also develops business applications that are based on Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE). If you require business applications that do not compromise security while maintaining flexibility, customizability, and reliability, then this is for you. Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) provides a framework for these features to ensure that business applications[…]

Custom Open Source-based System / Application Development

Custom Open Source-based System / Application Development Teravibe provides customized application development work using Open Source Technology that is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. Development environment is usually under Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, Gentoo, Mandrake, Ubuntu or Debian) and programming languages may be based on C/C++, Ruby, Perl or PHP. Teravibe has helped various companies in addressing[…]